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The RH-ISAC Tech Marketplace features industry-leading service and product providers that add value within the RH-ISAC community and the activities it supports.



Yubico provides retail and hospitality organizations peace of mind to protect against modern cyber threats such as phishing attacks and account takeovers. Yubico is the inventor of the YubiKey, the gold standard in phishing-resistant multi-factor (MFA) and passwordless, and a co-creator of the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) open authentication standards. 

Not all forms of MFA are created equal in terms of usability and security, but the YubiKey balances both, delivering highest-assurance security with the best user experience. The YubiKey meets you where you are today and helps you bridge to a modern passwordless future with the most secure passkey form-factor in the industry. For more information, connect with us at:


AccessIT Group

AccessIT Group
CONTACT: Jerry Zayas | | 201-852-8591

AccessIT Group is a specialized cybersecurity solutions provider with over 20 years of experience and relationships with leading technology partners. We offer a full range of advanced security services that assist organizations with the design, implementation, and operation of their security program and infrastructure. We focus on cloud, risk management, compliance, and implementation services, working with organizations to address the evolving complexities of cyberthreats.


CONTACT: | 877-425-2624

Akamai powers and protects life online. The most innovative companies worldwide choose Akamai to secure and deliver their digital experiences — helping billions of people live, work, and play every day. With the world's largest and most trusted edge platform, Akamai keeps apps, code, and experiences closer to users — and threats farther away.  Learn more about Akamai's security, content delivery, and edge compute products and services at


CONTACT: Ben Drumm  |  |  410-200-7328

Kyndryl is the world's largest provider of IT infrastructure services serving thousands of enterprise customers in more than 60 countries. As a focused, independent company, we're building on our foundation of excellence by bringing in the right partners, investing in our business, and working side-by-side with our customers to unlock their potential.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks
CONTACT: Michael Laport | | 866-320-4788 

Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, is shaping the cloud-centric future with technology that is transforming the way people and organizations operate. Our mission is to be the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life.


360 Privacy
CONTACT: Tom Aldrich  |  |  203-912-3130

360 Privacy’s mission is to protect the digital identity, security, and reputation of high-profile executives, athletes and high net-worth families. Digital identity is at the intersection of physical security, cyber, fraud prevention, and reputation. Powered by proprietary technology and an expert team, 360 Privacy correlates, analyzes and deletes data daily to protect your digital identity, keeping it out of the hands of sophisticated threat actors, fraudsters, and other criminals.

Allure Security
CONTACT: Jason Gonzales |  |  973-420-8518

Allure Security protects brands by finding and stopping online brand impersonation attacks before customers fall victim. Our patented, artificial intelligence-powered engine finds more spoofed websites, social media accounts, and mobile apps more quickly and with greater accuracy than legacy approaches. Our unique, multi-pronged approach to response – blocklisting, decoy data, and takedown – significantly reduces the lifespan of a scam and the damage it can do.

DataDome logo

CONTACT: Brendan Nuessle  |

DataDome’s bot and online fraud protection detects and mitigates attacks with unparalleled accuracy and zero compromise. Our machine-learning solution analyzes 3 trillion signals per day to adapt to new threats in real time. Our 24/7 SOC protects enterprises' mobile apps, websites, and APIs from ATO, scraping, carding, DDoS, credential stuffing, and more. A force multiplier for IT and security teams, DataDome is fully transparent, easy to deploy, and frictionless for consumers.



Trusted by governments, commercial enterprises, and educational institutions worldwide, Flashpoint helps organizations protect their most critical assets, infrastructure, and stakeholders from security risks such as cyber threats, ransomware, vulnerabilities, fraud, and physical threats. Leading security practitioners on physical and corporate security, cyber threat intelligence (CTI), vulnerability management, and vendor risk management teams rely on Flashpoint to proactively identify and mitigate risk and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. Learn more at

Accenture Logo

Intel 471
CONTACT: Joy Nemitz  |  408-765-8080

Intel 471 provides the RH-ISAC team with timely and exclusive data on current, real-time threats and pending future threats. This partnership provides the RH-ISAC with increased visibility and focused insight related to the increased number and sophistication of attacks against retailers.

Niso Logo

Nisos - The Managed Intelligence Company
CONTACT: Dylan Hennessy  |  |  602-549-9398

Nisos is The Managed Intelligence Company™. Our analyst-led intel investigations, assessments, and monitoring services empower your security, intelligence, and trust and safety teams. We provide accurate, customized intelligence that guides your security and risk decisions - protecting your organization, assets, and people.

CONTACT: Mike Petitti | | 312-267-3222

Trustwave is a leader in managed detection and response (MDR), managed security services (MSS), consulting and professional services, database security, and email security. Our elite Trustwave SpiderLabs team provides award-winning threat research and intelligence, which is infused into Trustwave services and products to fortify cyber resilience against advanced threats.


CONTACT: David Capezza | 908-601-2752

Indicators of Compromise help organizations determine if they have been the target of a breach and contributes actionable data helping merchants avoid future breaches. When payment fraud occurs, Visa’s Risk and Fraud teams collect and analyze information from the breach and that data is provided through an API to VTI subscribers.




Our purpose—to build trust in society and solve important problems—is at the core of everything we do. To help our clients build trust and deliver sustained outcomes, PwC provides professional services across two segments: Trust Solutions and Consulting Solutions. Within these segments we bring a range of capabilities to help organizations solve faster, solve more and realize more value. These capabilities include cloud and digital, cybersecurity and privacy, risk, transformation, and much more.

Risk Recon

CONTACT: Holly Glynn |

RiskRecon, a Mastercard company, is the only continuous vendor monitoring solution that delivers risk-prioritized action plans custom-tuned to match your risk priorities. RiskRecon provides the world’s easiest path to understanding and acting on own enterprise and third-party cyber risk, enabling organizations to efficiently operate scalable, third-party risk management programs for dramatically better risk outcomes.

Security Scorecard

CONTACT: 800-682-1707

SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings and the only service with over 1.4 million companies continuously rated. The SecurityScorecard platform is used by over 1,200 organizations around the world for third-party risk management, cyber risk monitoring, board reporting, and cyber insurance underwriting. SecurityScorecard offers organizations valuable insights into the vulnerabilities that exist in their own environments and their third-party ecosystems


CONTACT: ShiHan Wan |

Xeol closes the end-of-life gap in your vulnerability management program.

Xeol catalogs the largest database of open-source projects and their EOL states. Xeol's dashboard then surfaces the riskiest EOL issues based on CVEs, reach, and EOL time so that your AppSec team can proactively manage them out of your supply chain. This helps your organization mitigate the unknown unknown risks of EOL open-source projects.



CONTACT: Scott Oldfield  |  |  888-452-4011

Armis is the leading agentless, enterprise-class device security platform designed to address the new threat landscape of unmanaged and IoT devices. Fortune 1000 companies trust our real-time and continuous protection to see and control all managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices – from traditional devices like laptops and smartphones to new smart devices like smart TVs, webcams, printers, HVAC systems, industrial control systems and PLCs, medical devices and more. Armis provides passive and unparalleled cybersecurity asset management, risk management, and automated enforcement. 


Booz Allen Hamilton Logo

Booz Allen Hamilton
CONTACT: Omar Ellis | 703-902-5000

We are a global firm of approximately 27,600 diverse, passionate, and exceptional people driven to excel, do right, and realize positive change in everything we do. We bring bold thinking and a desire to be the best in our work in consulting, analytics, digital solutions, engineering, and cyber, and with industries ranging from defense to health to energy to international development.



Recognizing the rising risks in the AI era, CalypsoAI is dedicated to empowering corporate and government organizations. Through our cutting-edge AISec solutions, we offer groundbreaking AI security platforms. These platforms rigorously test, validate, and secure AI systems, unlocking new opportunities, fostering innovation, and reinforcing decision-making processes. Our goal is to enable these organizations to navigate the complex AI adoption landscape with full confidence.


CONTACT: George Cuchural  |  |  781-630-3136

HackerOne was started by hackers and security leaders who are driven by a passion to make the internet safer. Our platform is the industry standard for hacker-powered security. We partner with the global hacker community to surface the most relevant security issues of our customers before they can be exploited by criminals.


CONTACT: Sophie Barrett  |  802-355-9788  |

Kasada provides website, API, and mobile app protection for enterprises that are quick to evolve, difficult to evade, and invisible to customers. The Kasada technology and team defend some of the largest brands in the world from automated threats without impacting the end-user experience. Kasada’s defenses work by combining server-side detections and invisible client-side challenges with an unmatched understanding of how adversaries evade detection. 

Red Sift Logo

Red Sift
CONTACT: Brian Westnedge |  |  303-817-9141

Red Sift's Digital Resilience Platform solves for the greatest vulnerabilities across the complete attack surface. By providing comprehensive coverage of an organization’s digital footprint through best-in-class discovery and monitoring, Red Sift enables users to proactively uncover threats within email, domains, brand, and the network perimeter. Paired with sophisticated remediation capabilities, Red Sift provides organizations with the tools to shut down phishing and ensure ongoing compliance with email and web security protocols.


CONTACT: Quinton Schanbaum | 972-378-5554 x310 |

Specialized Security Services, Inc. (S3 Security) is building cyber resilience to support business in a digital world. We are a woman-owned, global cybersecurity firm headquartered in Dallas, TX. For over 23 years, our expert team has successfully assisted organizations with the design, implementation, & ongoing testing of their cyber & information security programs, providing professional guidance with clarity & assurance.

At S3 Security, people are our purpose, and we form long-lasting, strategic partnerships with our clients. We recognize that behind every security program, title, policy, and security control are real people protecting other people. We've seen a lot in the past two decades and apply this knowledge with straightforward cyber security guidance, information, and education.


CONTACT: Chris Simmons | 415-848-8450 |

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) turns data into doing with the Data-to-Everything Platform. Splunk technology is designed to investigate, monitor, analyze, and act on data at any scale.


CONTACT: Heather Smith | 1-800-513-2502 |

SpyCloud protects consumers, employees, suppliers, and citizens globally from the dangers of compromised identity. Its solutions make breached information actionable to prevent fraud, enabling a proactive, automated response that negates the value of stolen data before it can be used to cause harm. Its data also powers many popular dark web monitoring and identity theft protection offerings. SpyCloud customers include four of the ten largest global enterprises, mid-size companies, and government agencies around the world. 


Level 6

Level 6
CONTACT: Kevin Jackson | 513-270-0150 |

Level 6 Cybersecurity's analytic tool suite - LISN - uses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze what statistically works and fails in cybersecurity, delivering detailed answers to the most pressing information security questions every organization faces. These answers are based on cybersecurity ROI calculations from real-world data, giving cybersecurity decision-makers actionable guidance on what security strategies to employ for maximum organizational benefit.




Accenture Security helps organizations build resilience from the inside out. With services including strategy & risk management, cyber defense, digital identity, application security & managed security, Accenture enables businesses around the world to defend against threats. Follow @AccentureSecure on Twitter or visit the Accenture Security blog.

N2K Networks
CONTACT: Patrick Mullan |

N2K Networks delivers strategic workforce intelligence that enables organizations to build and maintain high-performing teams, rapidly climb the knowledge curve, and stay a step ahead in a relentlessly changing world. As part of our Strategic Cyber Workforce Intelligence capabilities, our solutions provide measurable and actionable insights into your team's capabilities to build effective talent strategies and make continuous talent development decisions.